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by Radex

About us

Long-time Denver-area chef and restaurateur, Radek Cerny, delivers his newest creation, Atelier by Radex, to Denver’s City Park neighborhood.

French-influenced with a casual, friendly vibe, Atelier by Radex is a spectacular choice for lunch or dinner.

The artistry of Radek Cerny.
For nearly three decades, well-known chef Radek Cerny has delivered culinary artistry to the Denver area, garnering loyal fans along the way. Cerny has received numerous accolades throughout the years and has been referred to as a "stylist" and an "artist," with his creations dubbed "edible works of art" that are "as stunning as they are delicious" by local and nationwide dining experts alike.
Cerny's newest venture, Atelier by Radex, in Denver's City Park neighborhood, joins his existing Boulder restaurant, L'Atelier Boulder, with both locations delivering the quality, creativity and exceptional dining experience for which the popular chef is known.